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Sharma Family picture from Dallas, Texas Feb 1991 . Front row on left H.P Shastri and wife Chameli Sharma who were visiting United States at the time. 

H.P. Shastri Charitable Foundation Award Program:

In 2011, the foundation started the H.P. Shastri Award Program. These H.P. Shastri awards are presented to poets, writers, and other artists on an annual basis in recognition of those artists' efforts to contribute to Hindi and Sanskrit poetry and literature. The award is intended to be limited to residents of the Ghaziabad, India area . The award winners receivedtheir awards at the Annual Kavi Sammellan, a literary and cultural celebration held in Ghaziabad, India held in honor of H.P. Shastri. Anyone who has contributed to Hindi poetry and literature during the year and who has been recommended by Ghaziabad scholars is considered. Award recipients receive a plaque and small monetary award to recognize the their achievement and assist the artist in future works. Recipients are chosen by the Foundation based on the recommendations from scholars in Ghaziabad, India from the list of candidates. The H.P. Shastri Award Program furthers the charitable goals of the foundation by encouraging innovation, artistic works and appreciation of Hindi poetry and literature


H.P. Shastri was a respected thinker, community leader, teacher and social reformer in Ghaziabad India. His descendants (The Sharma family in the United States) who have achieved success in part due to the teaching and example of H.P. Shastri, formed this nonprofit charitable foundation (The H.P. Shastri Charitable Foundation)  in April 2011 to further his ideals and honor his memory. The main charitable goals of the foundation includes the promotion of Hindi literature and poetry as Hindi literature and poetry was a big part of H. P. Shastri's life. The foundation also participates in numerous programs and projects which honor the memory of H.P. Shastri. The foundation is an approved 501c3 organization. The foundation is run by numerous family members who contribute time and effort to help the foundation achieve numerous goals thruout the calender year. 










H.P.Shastri Charitable Foundation Student Recognition Program:

In 2014, the foundation started the H.P. Shastri Student Recognition Program, which recognizes 1 male and 1 female student in the 10th and 12th grade from 2 local schools in Ghaziabad, India, schools where H.P. Shastri used to teach. The students who are recognized have demonstrated excellent academic achievement based on their grade point averages and have been recommended by their faculty. Click on student award link above for more information 


Other Potential Future Foundation projects:

- There are many potential future projects being considered based on interest and available funding. projects being considered:

 - sponsorship or organizing of Indian cultural events in the United States that promote Hindi poetry and literature

- assistance with formation/ construction of a library in Ghaziabad, India in honor of H. P. Shastr

- translation of the current Hindi Book Antral into English for a separate book

- starting of an annual magazine by the foundation in memory of H.P. Shastri 



As a charitable foundation, HPSCF is dedicated to promoting Hindi & Sanskrit poetry and literature by providing annual scholarships and awards to Indian poets, writers, journalists and social workers, particularly in the Ghaziabad community.

HPSCF was developed to inspire, encourage and uplift talented/promising/underprivileged Indian scholars to reach their full potential.

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