(Oct 15,1923- Mar 8,1992)

Birth: Born in Shiampur Village near Hapur on October 15, 1923

Parents: Pt. Sohan Lal Sharma and Mrs. Jwala Devi Sharma

Siblings: Sri Pal Sharma (brother), Rumal Dei Sharma (sister), Kailash Vati Sharma (sister) 

Married: Mrs. Chameli Sharma in 1940.

Children: Sons: Dr. Satya Sharma, Pramod Sharma and Jitender Kumar Sharma

Daughters: Shakuntla Sharma, Nirmal Gautam, Dr. Saroj Upadhyaya and Madhu Sharma

Education: Shastri (Navya Vyakarana) from Varanasi Sanskrit University (Government Sanskrit College) 1942, Master of Arts (MA) in Hindi from Agra University 1956, Master of Arts (MA) in Sanskrit from Agra University 1959,

Prabhakar from Punjab University 1943, Sahitya Ratan from Hindi Sahitya Sammela Allahabad 1944

Social / Cultural / Political Activities:

• Disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and active in India’s independence movement. Social activist and a great reform leader. Promoter of Hindi and Khadi and leader of eradication of untouchability in India

• Guiding Light to eradicate illiteracy in disadvantaged sections of society.

• Youngest President of Congress Party in Ghaziabad for over a decade, Youngest Secretary of Congress in Ghaziabad.

• First President of the Citizens Awareness Society (Nagri Pracharini Sabha) of Ghaziabad.

• General Secretary of the Western Branch of the All India Sanskrit Sammalen (Conference).

• General Secretary of the Conference of All India Brij Shatiya Mandal with Honorable, Rajendra Prasad, the President of India as the chief guest, 1954.

• Founder and General Secretary of Ghaziabad Lok Parishad.

• Founder and General Secretary of Vatayan Cultural Society of Ghaziabad.

• Founder and General Secretary of Hindi Bhavan of Ghaziabad.

• Organizer and founder of yearly Hindi Kavi Sammelan (Hindi Poetry Recital) on Jan 23rd, on the occasion of India’s Republic day for over 40 years.

• Organizer and founder of various yearly cultural and social functions in Ghaziabad including Fools day on the Hindu religious function of Holi and distributor of funny titles to local dignitaries.

• Organizer of All India Sanskrit Sahitya Sammalen (Sanskrit Conference) under Lal Bahadur Shastri, the Honorable Prime Minister of India 1963.

• Organizer of All India Education Conference under Morarji Desai, the Honorable Prime Minister of India, 1978. Organizer of Congress Party Camp in Ghaziabad with Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the Honorable Prime Minister of India as the chief guest, 1958.

• Organizer of the Mahatma Gandhi Birth Centenary in Ghaziabad in 1969 with Gopal Swarup Pathak, the Honorable Vice President of India and Frontier Gandhi, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan as the chief guests. Organizer of All India Hindi Sammalen (Conference) in Ghaziabad with Gopal Swarup Pathak, the Honorable Vice President of India as the chief guest, 1973

• Editor of Dinkar- Shrasti and Drishti.

• Prolific writer and of Hindi and Sanskrit Poetry and Prose in various magazines, papers and books. Critic of Hindi Poetry and Prose.

• Invited speaker at various meetings and conferences in India.

• Educator and teacher who shaped lives of thousands of people who in turn contributed to uplifting of society and economic wellbeing of India. One of the most revered and beloved teachers of Ghaziabad.

• Retired Principal of Sanatan Dharam College.

• Close friend of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Charan Singh, Former Prime Ministers of India

The H.P. Shastri

                 Charitable Foundation

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