The H.P. Shastri

                 Charitable Foundation

The H.P. Shastri

                 Charitable Foundation

The H.P. Shastri

                 Charitable Foundation


In 2011, the foundation started the H.P. Shastri Award Program. These awards are presented to poets, writers, and other artists on an annual basis in recognition of excellence in the area of poetry and literature and to recognize those artists' efforts to contribute to Hindi and Sanskrit poetry and literature. They are presented to the winners  at the Annual Kavi Sammelan program. Every year since 2011, the H.P. Shastri Charitable Foundation has presented these awards in honor of H.P. Shastri. The award is intended to be limited to residents of the Ghaziabad, India area or to presenters at the Annual Kavi Sammellan (a literary and cultural celebration held in Ghaziabad, India annually in honor of H. P. Shastri) but anyone who has contributed to Hindi poetry and literature during the year and who has been recommended by Ghaziabad scholars is considered.

Award recipients receive a plaque and small monetary award to recognize the artist's achievement and assist the artist in future works. Recipients are chosen by the Foundation based on the recommendations from scholars in Ghaziabad, India from the list of candidates.

The H.P. Shastri Award Program furthers the charitable goals of the foundation by encouraging innovation, artistic works and appreciation of Hindi poetry and literature.

For pictures from the Kavi Samellans, please click on the photo albums link



Current Winners 2019

The winners of this year for the 2019 H.P.Shastri Charitable Foundation Awards:

                            Mr Sarveshwar Asthana

                            Mr. Subash Sharma 




JANUARY 2018: Mr. Ashit Tyagi, Mr Piyush Malviy

JANUARY 2017:  Ms. Kirti Kale, Mr Mehkar Singh 

JANUARY 2016: Mr. Masum Ghaziabadi, Mr. Gaurav Kumar Tiya

JANUARY 2015: Mr. Suresh Nirav, Mr. Salamat Miya

JANUARY 2014: Mr. Pankaj Anand, Mr. Chetan Anand

JANUARY 2013: Mrs. Madhu Bhariti, Mr. Shiv Kumar Goyal

JANUARY 2012: Mr. Praveen Shukla, Mr. Rakesh Parashar

Mr. Hari Om Pawar, Mr. Santosh Ananda

APRIL 2011: Mr. Telu Ram Kamboj, Dr. Kunwar Batchain


Pt. H.P. Shastri Sahitic Manish Award Mr. Krishan Mittra

Pt. H.P. Shastri Generalist Award Mr. Kuldip Talwar

Pt. H.P. Shastri Kavya Gorav Award Mrs. Anju Jain

Congratulations to all the recipients!

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