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H.P. Shastri Charitable Foundation gives its first awards at the 2011 Annual Kavi Sammellan

The 2011 Annual Akil Bhartiya Kavi Sammellen was organized by Ghaziabad Lok Parisad and was dedicated to its founder Pt. Har Prasad Shastri. It was held on the night of January 24th, 2011 in Ghaziabad Ram Lila Ground.

In this Kavi Sammellen, Mr. Jitender Kumar (Shastri Ji's youngest son) traveled from the United States to present the first H.P Shastri Charitable Foundation Awards to the following winners:


Pt. H.P. Shastri Sahitic Manish Award Mr. Krishan Mittra

Pt. H.P. Shastri Generalist Award Mr. Kuldip Talwar

Pt. H.P. Shastri Kavya Gorav Award Mrs. Anju Jain

Other H. P Shastri Award winners in 2011 included Mr Telu Ram Kamboj and Dr Kunwar Batchain. These awards were presented in April 2011 by Mr Jitender Kumar

Below are some pictures from 2011 Award Ceremony. For more pictures , please click on photo albums link above.



In August 2011, Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation passed a resolution to name the street that goes to Hindi Bhavan in Ghaziabad, India as the Har Prasad Shastri Marg (Har Prasad Shastri Road) in honor of Pt Har Prasad Shastri and his contributions to the city of Ghaziabad and to India.

Har Prasad Shastri Marg was officially dedicated in a ceremony held on April 17, 2012 at the Hindi Bhavan in Ghaziabad, UP, India.

The chief guest at the dedication ceremony was the honorable Shri Rajnath Singh, (former President of the Bharitya Janata Party and the Union Affairs Minister of India) Other guests included Shrimati Damyanti Goyal who was the mayor of Ghaziabad, and Shri Jitendra Singh who was Ghaziabad Muncipal Commissioner.

International Poets including Shri Surendra Sharma, Shri Hari Om Pawar and Shri Praveen Shukla and others were also in attendance.

For news clippings and more pictures from this important event, please visit the photo albums link above as well as google plus page. 

Below are some selected pictures from this historic day:



H.P. Shastri Charitable Foundation in 2014 published Antral, An Interval in Time, a book of Hindi poems written by H. P. Shastri.




H.P. Shastri Charitable Foundation started the H.P. Shastri Student Recognition Program in 2014. These awards are for students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievement based on their grade point averages and have been recommended by their faculty. One student is selected from the 10th and 12th grade from 2 schools in Ghaziabad, India where H.P. Shastri used to teach.

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