H.P. Shastri Charitable Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of a book of Hindi poems written by H. P. Shastri during his life. H.P. Shastri would often write poetry during his free time. In 2012-2013, the foundation, with the help of numerous family members, helped to organize and collect all of his poems and writings. In March 2014, Antral, An Interval in Time, was published.

This book is a collection of all of his poems, covering topics including Nature, Patriotism, Love, and other various categories. The foundation hopes this book brings all readers a new appreciation of Mr. H.P. Shastri's love of poetry and writing.


An Interval in Time

By Har Prasad Shastri

Now available for digital download purchase on iBooks

The H.P. Shastri

                 Charitable Foundation



Antral (An Interval in Time) is a collection of our father’s writings - its publication a dream that could unfortunately never be realized during his lifetime.

Mr Shastri was always cognizant of his social, academic, and cultural responsibilities. He would spend hours helping his students with their publications, collections and Phd writings. He was very encouraging towards creative writing, and kept his own streak alive by writing poetry, ghazals and prose. However, in his selfless performance of his duties and his tendency of putting others before self, he was never able to find the time to categorize and prioritize his own writings for any publications or collections. He wrote for the sake of creativity and the simple joy of writing.

While he was in the United States, in his final years of life, he did write some new poetry after a long gap and also tried to put some of his earlier works in order. Unfortunately, his untimely demise put a stop to his efforts to get these works published for all to read and share. Now, almost twenty-five years after his death, this publication ‘Antral, An Interval In Time’ is a small effort by his family to bring his dream to life; which we hope will give peace to his soul.

I would like to thank all family and friends who contributed to bringing this publication to fruition. My sincere thanks to Padmshri Gopaldas Neeraj, and Dr. Kunwar Bechain who graced this collection with their critical review and suggestions. I am also indebted to Dr. B. S. Goyal who took the responsibility of executing the actual publication of this work, as well as dear Anuj Goyal who developed the design and the final layout of the book. Finally, these acknowledgements cannot be complete without a mention of Mr Arun Garg – who is as precious to me as a younger brother, without whom none of this would be possible.

This collective work is our tribute to Mr. Har Prasad Shastri.

In his words –

"Life and death are a matter of fate;

Our actions and works should be our only duty"

Mr. Jitender Kumar

H.P.Shastri Charitable Trust

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